Friday, July 13, 2012

Pleasure (and pain): Mitchell outback QLD

After the injury to my back one month ago, I'm hugely grateful that it's healed enough for me to be able to enjoy a daily walk with my German Shepherd Major -- along the river and back.

Every evening I discover something of beauty, while at the same time enjoying routine land and river sights. Every walk I say hello to Snow White the egret and to my friendly Willie wagtail, as well as enjoy reflections of river red gums cast into the water.

Yesterday I picked a branch of peach blossom growing alongside the river.  There used to be a peach tree growing over the road from our home; however, the flood waters of February this year uprooted the tree and swept it away.  Therefore, the discovery of another tree was pleasurable, and now, with the blossom in a vase in the kitchen, I can continue to enjoy it.  I plan to sketch the blossom today.

The day before, I found the first doolan blossom of the season.  This tree (Acacia salicina) is native to this region of outback Queensland, and is renowned for dropping branches.  But it can be an attractive tree and is very hardy.  Its wattle-like blossoms are pale gold and are not as showy as many other acacias.  Its pods are dramatic, however, especially when they split open to reveal jet black seeds, each with a curl of red material surrounding them.  

Doug's back ramp and our new verandah are now complete and make an excellent improvement to our 'new' home.  Unfortunately he tripped in the dark (amongst tools and timber lying on the verandah) and badly hurt his leg and ankle.  There's nothing broken or cracked, but the bruising and swelling are proving very painful.

In one weeks time we leave for a holiday at the coast, so hopefully Doug's injury will have healed by then and we'll be able to leave without any more dramas.

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