Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bird of Paradise:Katie cat: Doug's bike and road works

My succulents, that are growing in hollow logs on the front verandah are thriving, despite frosty mornings; and our newly planted lemon-scented gums have quaint frost protection 'hats' in place.

Meanwhile, Katie and I have been spending a lot of time in the sun room painting five different Bird of Paradise flower impressions. As Katie picks her way through and around plates of paint, I hold my breath! 

Thrift – in its true sense – comes easily to Doug. He enjoys recycling, taking pride in fixing up and then 

reusing various bits of reclaimed treasure. His old bike is an example, with its milk crate basket ideal for carrying home groceries. He doesn't care how it looks! 

Work has begun to rip up and then redo the guttering along our road. It's a Flood Recovery Project, the result of the February 2012 floods that devastated Mitchell.

As we will be in transit next week I will not do a

blog. The following week will reveal more.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

1940 Plymouth: end of an era

One of Doug's many interests is restoring old cars and motorcycles. Four years ago he bought a 1940 Plymouth sedan in original condition, had it trucked up to Mitchell from central Victoria, and then spent a few years doing up the engine.

Then came Mitchell's devastating 2012 flood that caused water to run through the car to a height above the steering wheel. Doug (with the help of his friend Athol) got the car going again, and cleaned it up – then put it back on the market.  It sold and was picked up within one week, even though the buyer knew of its flood history. It's gone back -- like a homing pigeon -- to central Victoria.

The Plymouth's been an experience Doug has enjoyed but he felt ready to move on – back to concentrate on his collection of

old British motorcycles.