Thursday, July 4, 2013

1940 Plymouth: end of an era

One of Doug's many interests is restoring old cars and motorcycles. Four years ago he bought a 1940 Plymouth sedan in original condition, had it trucked up to Mitchell from central Victoria, and then spent a few years doing up the engine.

Then came Mitchell's devastating 2012 flood that caused water to run through the car to a height above the steering wheel. Doug (with the help of his friend Athol) got the car going again, and cleaned it up – then put it back on the market.  It sold and was picked up within one week, even though the buyer knew of its flood history. It's gone back -- like a homing pigeon -- to central Victoria.

The Plymouth's been an experience Doug has enjoyed but he felt ready to move on – back to concentrate on his collection of

old British motorcycles.

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