Friday, September 7, 2012

3 night's out: 20 orchid spikes: the river runs

An outing to the river with our two shepherds is always fun, especially since it involves only five minutes in the car to reach the weir and pools below.

Water is still falling over the weir wall.  From here, the river loops around Mitchell, flowing beneath the rail and road bridges, over the old crossing and then past our place.  Evidence of the disastrous February flood still hangs from high up in the river red gums that line the Maranoa River.  On the other hand, the flood has swept clean the riverbed, leaving behind banks of clean golden sand and clear pools ideal for swimming.

Our bush orchid (Cymbidium canaliculatum) has at least 20 new flower spikes and promises a spectacular display.  The February flood completely covered its foliage; however, the plant survived for which we are very grateful. When we moved the plant (cutting off the dead tree at ground level) we saw the tiny roots of the orchid that had grown down the hollow of the tree, to the ground.

Socially this week has been busy, with three nights out in a row.  Firstly, Book Club with 10 enthusiastic members and spirited discussion over dinner.  Secondly, an important talk by Susan McLean about Cyber Safety -- held at Mitchell State School.  This was an informative, entertaining and enlightening session for anyone interested in the welfare of young people, as regards cyber safety --  including cyber bullying and many other negatives linked to Internet technology.  Last but not least, was marimba practice which is always fun as well as mentally challenging.

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