Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shedding dogs, nesting birds: "I threw him an olive branch'

With summer temperatures fast approaching, Del's coat is shedding in huge handfuls.  Her coat is the typical short-haired German shepherd, whereas Major's is a middle-length shepherd coat.  You'd think that Major's coat would be more of a problem, however, he sheds very little and a quick nightly brush keeps him looking great.  On the other hand, Del sheds in vast amounts, especially in springtime.  Every day brushing and pulling out of large tufts of fur leaves a carpet of snow-like fur on the grass.  But it only remains there for a few hours due to the busy gathering of it by nest-building birds.  Every nest in our locality will now be lined in Del's fur.

Last week Doug set up a bird bath in the shrubbery of our garden.  Only five days later, our Willie wagtail braved the new 'thing' in the bushes and then had a bath that he clearly enjoyed.  Next came the sparrows, wrens, doves and honey-eaters in quick succession.  But it was our Willie wagtail who was the leader.

Our bush orchid (Cymbidium canaliculatum) has burst into full flower.  When looked at through a magnifying glass, each flower is extraordinarily complex and beautiful.

The saying "I threw him an olive branch" came into a recent conversation between two of my friends.  It's a saying I haven't heard for years and as an admirer of olive trees as symbolic of peace, I love the saying and will try to use it whenever applicable.  Meanwhile my youngest olive tree is thriving in Mitchell's spring warmth.

The white flower is an Eremophila that's growing in our garden.

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