Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gift, fall and ship passing by

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but today's was-- for me -- unique. Three 7 year old girls had spent the afternoon digging a huge swimming hole in the sand, close to the water's edge.  When I paused to admire their creation, one of the girls held out a couple of shell necklaces and said, "They're for you, for free.  We usually charge one dollar but no one has any money on the beach."

This week the sea shore has held many and varied interests: a mass of shiny white cuttlefish eggs; banks of seaweed (ideal as garden mulch); shells of all shapes and sizes; and a large gas ship moving across the bay in order to fill its tank, and then pass by a second time, fully loaded.

Six days ago I asked Doug to stop the ute so I could scramble through some coastal scrub to reach up and break off a branch laden with tiny star-like flowers.  On the way back to the car -- holding my botanical specimen high (to show Doug) -- I fell heavily, landing on my left knee and right ankle.  I failed to see a ditch hidden in long grasses.

Fortunately I didn't break anything but I could scarcely walk for two days and it's only today that I'm back walking long distances at the beach.

A friend commented, "I bet the branch with flowers didn't get damaged!"  And she was correct. Consequently, I have a watercolour painting of bursaria flowers which came at a cost and was painted when I could do little else.

Several phone calls from friends in Mitchell have been highlights in my week. The umbilical chord connecting me to Mitchell continues to be strong, even though -- temperature wise-- I know it's more comfortable here on Phillip Island. On average, Mitchell is 15°C hotter.

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