Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The old and the new: Mitchell's bridges

Over the past seven years, late afternoon walks with my dog Major (along the Maranoa River, over the footbridge and up the eastern bank) have been my usual routine. Now things are different.

The disastrous flood of February 2012 damaged the road and footbridge, changed the vegetation along the riverbank and inundated a large percentage of the township of Mitchell.

The new bridge is nearing completion but it lacks the charm of the old one, whose pylons are decorated with colorful murals. These will go.

At least two bottle trees and many majestic river red gums have also disappeared. And the footbridge is obsolete too, replaced by a walkway on the new bridge.

Change is always difficult, but we must look towards the future. I believe that someone with artistic flair will think of something creative to adorn the new bridge: the gateway to our outback town.

Eventually the riverbank will lose its heavy machinery and the

ugly scar will be smoothed over. Trees will be planted and new walkways created. I will, however, miss the murals, footbridge, bottle trees, river red gums and the old mulberry tree; but who knows, maybe the future 'look' will be even better. I hope so. Actually, I believe so, as Mitchell and the surrounding area holds a nucleus of exceptionally talented artists.

Let's see what we can achieve!

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