Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dance Concert, cadaghi blossoms and frogs

The WOW Dance group of Mitchell provided last Saturday night's entertainment in the Memorial Hall.   The dancers included young children, teenagers and adults  --  all locals, many of whom we know.  

It was fun dancing wrapped around the story of Cinderella, following the traditional tale, but with a local twist. There was plenty of 'good feel' humour, popular classical music, colourful costumes and smiling faces. In addition, Mitchell's adult Line Dancers put on two performances, to enthusiastic applause.  It was a good night and well attended; a credit to the performers, their teachers and  many supporters. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera.

Early November is the peak of blossom time in Mitchell.  Consequently, honey-eaters and flying foxes are here in large numbers, chattering and squabbling in the treetops over the choicest nectar.  These 'blossom nomads' are always welcome in our garden and along the banks of the Maranoa River.  

At present, cadaghi's (Corymbia torelliana) are the main focus of their attention, with their large cream blossoms.  Although not native to this part of Queensland (they belong in tropical coastal Queensland) cadaghi's do very well in Mitchell, surviving droughts and floods with equal ease.  Some people criticise them as they tend to drop branches and leaves; however, I think they are a pleasing addition to the bottle trees that line our streets.

The cadaghi  growing alongside our back verandah is literally humming with bees and beetles; fluttering with butterflies; and  alive (by day) with parrots (including red-winged parrots) and honey-eaters (including Friar birds); and by night, with squabbling chattering flying foxes.  It's a large tree so the activity in and around it has been and still is, a source of great interest.

Three days ago, as I lifted the lid of the toilet, my eyes fell on the glistening, pulsing body of a green tree frog.  This is the first green tree frog to visit our toilet since we moved here in July.  After taking his photo I carried him out into the garden and released him in lush shrubbery.  It will be interesting to see if he returns to live in the toilet!

Our cannas are flowering.  Without knowledge of this garden or cannas, we didn't know what colours the flowers would be. Therefore, it's been exciting to discover the colours. So far we have  pure yellow, pure orange, and a mix of orange and yellow.  Together with their foliage, they make a colourful display. 

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