Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"It's a wolf"; new bridge; acid beetle bite; Mitchell QLD

The construction of the new bridge over the Maranoa River continues.  This past week has seen the arrival of more big machinery, the building of a dirt road across the river (with nine pipes through which to direct the water) and a series of office buildings.  Every evening Major and I note the changes.

On arrival at the bridge yesterday evening, I heard a group of young girls splashing about in the river.  I waited until they'd finished their swim before making my way down the steep sandy bank.  

Looking up, one of the girls screamed and then called out, "It's a wolf!"

I assured her that Major was not a wolf, that he was on a lead and he was very friendly.  Whereupon the girls were all over him, hugging and stroking.

For 10 minutes or so the girls threw sticks into the river for Major to retrieve.  Before they left, two of the girls gave me a demo of the song and dance they will be performing tonight at their school breakup presentation night.  Then, with bright smiling faces they headed up the steep bank and home.

After Major unsuccessfully tried to pull a very large log out of the river, we did likewise.

I love this river, the mighty Maranoa.

On another subject, we have a pair of Willie wagtails nesting in a tree in our front garden.  Their eggs have hatched so now is a busy time.  It's estimated that a mouthful of food passed from a Willie wagtail to its chick contains around 300 insects.  What an extraordinary contribution these birds make towards keeping insect numbers in check.

Currently I have an acid beetle bite on the inside of my elbow.  Unfortunately it's become badly infected, requiring antibiotic treatment.  I hope our Willie wagtails are gobbling up all the acid beetles living in and around our house!

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