Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bottle trees bulldozed; end of year socials; heat; packing up

A busy week of end-of-year celebrations has kept us in Mitchell longer than we normally stay.  The Mitchell State School Celebration night; Christmas in the Park; a dance concert; our last marimba lesson and last book club; and the Dunkeld State School End of Year Celebration - tonight.

There is bad news regarding the two magnificent bottle trees guarding the bridge over the Maranoa River, at Mitchell.  Instead of moving the trees (which is relatively easy and almost always successful) they were bulldozed like trash.  Readers of my blog will already know that I consider trees to have feelings and special significance.  This was an act of unnecessary vandalism and I feel saddened by it.

Phillip Island's cooler weather beckons; however, I know from previous occasions that I'll be complaining about being cold as soon as we arrive in Victoria.  There's at least 20°C difference between Phillip Island temperatures and those in Mitchell, outback Queensland.  The enclosed photo shows my German shepherd Major relaxing in the kitchen -- in air-conditioning -- on a 41°C day in Mitchell.

In three days time we will leave Mitchell.  Mice, cockroaches, flooding and extreme heat need to be kept in mind as we pack up our home  -- for a four-month absence.

Instead of staying in cabins at caravan parks on our five-day trip south to Phillip Island, we've decided to try pet friendly B&Bs.  This will make the journey easier for the dogs and 16-year-old Katie -- and so for us too.

What with the February floods and a house move, I can scarcely believe that 2012 is almost at a close.  As we will be in transit when my next blog is due, there will be a one-week gap.  My blog resumes on 28 December when we're back on Phillip Island.

I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

Our tipuana tree - which was covered in bright yellow flowers - is now dripping with pale green pods which, when dry, will 'fly' to the ground like tiny helicopters.

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