Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dream catcher and sea tulip

Every now and then I receive a gift that touches my heart.  So it was with the dream catcher, a gift from my close friend, Val.

The traditional dream catcher is made of wood, hide, animal gut, bird feathers and other natural items. Hung above a sleeping human, it's believed to have the power to catch all dreams, trapping the bad and releasing them into the universe with the first light of day; allowing good dreams to flow down the feathers to the sleeper below.

To activate my dream catcher, I placed a feather on the web -- one that I found yesterday, on the beach. Then I left my dream catcher out in the moonlight.  Tonight it will be ready to work its magic!

Yesterday, a sea tulip caught my attention, washed up in flotsam.  A sea tulip is not a plant; it's an animal closely related to a sea squirt and quite complex in spite of its fairly simple appearance. A sea tulip lives at the end of a stalk, attached to rocks just below low tide level. 

To the left of the photo of the dream catcher is a photo of my Great Dane, Gem. She was one of the most wonderful dogs I've ever had the privilege of sharing my life with. Tragically she died of canine bloat, aged only five years. 

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