Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Celebrate the sun?

As Australians, we tend to associate sunshine with fun in the sun, and good health (especially in relation to vitamin D and growing strong bones).

On the other hand, we have the dubious privilege of being the sun cancer capital of the world.

This week I attended a skin cancer clinic in Frankston -- a bay-side suburb of Melbourne -- for an all over body check, liquid nitrogen zapping of sun-damaged skin (currently my face is not a pretty sight!) and a biopsy. Next week I need to have a mole surgically removed.  In other words, I'm paying the price of childhood summers spent at the beach without sunscreen. In those days it was considered healthy to obtain a tan.  Now I'm more careful, but much of the damage is already done.

This week's blog will include photos of Del plunging her face into mounds of seaweed, just for fun; and Major playing with his stick on the beach. There's no doubt about it, dogs enjoy playing in the sun, just as we do. 

This blog will also include sunsets over the water because, as from next week, the sun will set over land, from this viewpoint.  Sundown is our favourite time to walk.

I'm the first to appreciate the fact that sunshine is important to my state of mind. I love to see sunshine, feel its warmth and be in its presence.  Sunshine uplifts my soul.  But, whenever possible, I've learned to avoid it falling on uncovered skin.

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