Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Moments in time

Although I have included photos of the internal fittings of the heritage cottages at Churchill Island, it's not this type of thing that inspires me. Respect and interest, yes, but not inspiration.

Nature is what does it for me. Consequently, this blog will begin with photos of the natural wonders that have crossed my path this past week -- then the Churchill Island cottages -- and finally a sunset taken from our front verandah.

Ripples in the sand at low tide; 
a broken shell and sea squirt found tossed up on the sand; 
a belladonna lily blooming in our garden; 
a coast banksia trunk, its rich red timber exposed by a saw; 
an elderly wallaby (her face grey with age) with a joey in her pouch; 
and finally, a sunset taken over the bay after a day of bush fires.

These are moments in time that have lifted my spirits.


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