Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weeds, rocks, fun -- and a gift of orchids

The vegetation growing in and around 'our' part of Phillip Island is almost free of introduced weeds. Most of the box thorn has been cut out, kikuya and bridal creeper have been eradicated and sea spurge removed from the shoreline.

But you have to be vigilant. Only today Doug found a few sea spurge plants that had escaped detection. Soon they were out, tap root and all.

The rock formations along Phillip Island's coastline are varied and in many places, spectacular. What a story they tell!

Meanwhile, kids have fun in the sand and water, building all manner of creations. And Major (my German shepherd) finds the largest and heaviest of all logs to carry along the sand and take into the waves for a swim.

I'll close this blog with photos of the orchids given to me by friends from Mitchell -- who visited us here on the island. Our two worlds met and it was lovely!

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