Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pleasure in simple things: Phillip Island

In an increasingly materialistic world where money and possessions are foremost in many people's minds, it's refreshing to acknowledge that true contentment and happiness almost always have their origins in either simple things or the natural environment.

Today's blog contains a series of photos taken on one of our walks along the beach. My companions were Doug and our two German shepherds -- Major and Del.  Just the four of us in a magical place at sundown.

Add to that some pieces of driftwood (the bigger and heavier the better, as far as Major is concerned -- about 15 kg!) and you have the recipe for focus and fun.

The mellow light of the autumn evening helped intensify the rich colour of the cliffs, and also the pathway of light that streamed from the setting sun to the wet sand on the seashore.

Just two people, two dogs, a stick and a beach. A blissful moment in time.

On neighbouring French Island, a large bush fire created a dramatic plume of cloud that reflected the progress of sundown.

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