Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wallaby goes for a swim

In our part of the world  – Phillip Island in southern Australia – stories about wallabies swimming in the sea are occasionally told. 

Although we frequently see wallaby print marks hopping along the beach, we've never witnessed one in the water – until yesterday evening.

The sun had just set behind the Mornington Peninsula, leaving a golden glow. We noticed a wallaby hop onto the beach, pause a while, then proceed out into the bay and into small waves – near a rocky headland.

The wallaby spent about 4 minutes in the water, letting waves completely cover it. Then the wallaby hopped out of the water, across the beach and into the protection of thick coastal vegetation.

Why, we wondered, did it choose to get wet and perhaps even swim?

Was it for pleasure?  Or perhaps flea or tick control, using salt water to deter these parasites?

I can't answer that question. All I can say is that it happened, and I attempted to capture the occasion on my camera. Unfortunately most photos were out of focus, but I can include one. 

The sunset photos were taken from the beach and also from our home, on the same evening. One photo shows the sunset reflected in our front windows.

I had a checkup with my plastic surgeon yesterday, and all is going according to plan. Fortunately the pathology results were good so we're all set to leave for Mitchell on 15 April!

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