Sunday, June 24, 2012

One of life's greatest stresses: moving house

It's a known fact that moving house is one of life's greatest stresses and I have to agree -- especially as I'm not fully recovered from my bowel and back injury.  But I'm improving every day.

Caravans are great for holidays; however, I prefer a house for day to day living.  We moved into our 'new' house four days ago and only return to the caravan for a shower, as the hot water service in the house needs replacing, a task for early next week.

Our new queen size bed is a great success, along with our slow combustion wood heater (the nights are frosty now, with still sunny days to follow) and the space of a house.  There are still things to move, boxes to unpack and flat-pack furniture to put together, but gradually our 'new' house is transforming into our 'new' home.

15-year-old Katie Siamese loved the house immediately, and the dogs, well, they are happy wherever we go.

Yesterday morning --  after visiting the library in Mitchell -- we watched and  clapped as an Aboriginal Lands Right procession marched down the main street.  The Aboriginal population in Mitchell is mostly well assimilated into the local community.

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