Friday, June 1, 2012

Music and preparations to move house

Things are moving fairly slowly due to heavy rain, mud and the difficulty of getting tradespeople.  Nevertheless, next week work should proceed on building cupboards indoors, concreting the back verandah area, and the delivery of our new bed and mattress, TV, fridge etc.                                                                        

Our large native garden is studded with Richard's sculptures and rustic seats for contemplation.  The dog's love it, and so do we.

The house is made up of two separate buildings, joined together.  The kitchen is one of these and probably came from a property where kitchens were usually separate to the house, due to the danger of fire from large wood burning stoves.  That space is now our pantry.

The rest of the house includes a lounge, two bedrooms, two sun rooms, a laundry and bathroom -- plus a small sunny front verandah.

It's perfect for us. Small, recently renovated and by the river -- yet it escaped the flood.

Apart from all of the above, music has been a big part of this week.  Last Saturday bands from all over the area gathered together in Mitchell to march up and down the main street, playing, and then performing at a concert in the park, where the Dunkeld School provided lunch.

In addition, our marimba group had two practices this week in preparation for our performance at the Maranoa Races, next Saturday.

So it's been music, music, rain and mud here in outback Queensland -- plus I've hurt my back badly.

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