Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our 'new' home alongside the Maranoa River

After much throwing around of ideas, researching the process of building a new house, and inspecting properties for sale that were not flooded, we've finally made a decision and bought another house.

Its location is perfect: on the river and only four doors up from our flooded house.  It didn't escape flooding by much, but the fact is it survived without damage.  It's an old home that's been recently renovated by our close friend, Richard.  It is a very 'middle of the road' house.  Nothing flash.  Very Mitchell.

It comes with a lovely native garden, a few sheds for Doug and a sunny front room that overlooks the river.  This is where I'll write, draw, and play the marimba and guitar -- and I expect we'll eat and socialise there too.

We are very happy about our decision -- it's a home with a warm, happy feel.  It has white walls and polished cypress pine floors. At present, Richard is living and working in Western Australia, so we can take possession within the next few weeks.  This is great news for us!  Living in a caravan is wearing a bit thin, especially when it rains or is cold.  Next weekend I'll tell you more and show you photos of our new home and garden. 

On another subject.  Four months on since the Mitchell flood and a lot of people are still are hurting: living in temporary accommodation, or in homes that haven't been 'fixed up' (due to either no insurance or delays caused by a shortage of builders).

But people are talking.  Frequent local events give people the opportunity to share their problems and experiences.  This is an important part of the recovery process, and one which we feel privileged to share in.

Today's photos show our living conditions after heavy rain. The mud is like glue!

I'll be back next weekend, that's a promise!

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