Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekend blog from tomorrow onwards

Due to my increased workload -- as the result of the Mitchell flood -- I'm planning to write a weekend blog rather than a daily one.

Since arriving in Mitchell I haven't had time to do any of my ordinary writing (I'm working on a book about St Francis and his gift with animals); play the guitar or do any botanical drawing.  I'd like to be doing all of these things as well as wash away mud and dust, sort through 'stuff', socialise with our friends, and join in community events -- all this as well as live in two caravans along with two German shepherds and one Siamese cat.

Our living conditions are less than easy, compounded today because of heavy rain.  The dust has turned to sticky mud that resembles glue.  Imagine the mud on our shoes and the paws of our two German shepherds and then think of the floors of the caravan and annex!

We've had to close the annex up due to rain. Photos tomorrow.

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