Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clothes saved from flood: Wylpena

For the past few weeks I've been wearing and washing out only a few sets of clothes, so it was good yesterday to drive to our friends at Wylpena to collect the bulk of our clothes.

When our house was flooded in February, Heather and Bob helped Doug save our books, paintings and our clothes.  Water had stained some, and most were damp, so Heather took them home and washed, dried and ironed them for me.  Then she packed them up safely, ready for our return.

So now, where to put them?  I plan a big sort through and will leave the bulk in storage (until we get our house) and arrange the rest between our two caravans.  I must admit I'm looking forward to having more choice, and warmer clothes, as the nights are frosty.

Meanwhile, Doug and I will be forever grateful that we have friends as warm and generous as Heather and Bob -- with the added bonus of many shared interests.

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