Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Much harder than expected: Mitchell Outback Qld

This is all much harder, more tiring and more emotionally draining than I expected!

Our lovely home looks a wreck; our three-quarter acre block is coated in a thick layer of dry mud which, when it rains (it has!) turns to glue.  We've been working between our storage shed in the industrial estate, our new caravan and annex, and the bull-nosed verandah of the house -- unpacking, cleaning, sorting and trying to work out a way of living comfortably for the next 6 to 7 months. 

Three days after the February flood, Doug (with the help of our friends Heather and Bob, and Richard) packed everything able to be saved into boxes and put them into a storage shed.  Some things were clean, others were not.  Unpacking these boxes has been depressing in some ways, especially when our lovely belongings are caked in mud.  Yet, every now and then I get a pleasant surprise when I discover something precious that has been saved.  

Our neighbourhood is deserted.  Work is under-way on some homes, but the remaining are all too quiet. At night, we're the only light in our street.

Coffee with our friend Angie at the Mitchell Bakery was a bright spot.  Likewise, catching up with other friends and neighbours.  

It's the people and the river that make Mitchell is so special.  

Now my computer problem is fixed there are photos on all my Mitchell blogs -- even the back-dated ones. Katie is happy in her new caravan home (as well as in my office caravan, as shown in the photos) and helps me while I type. The muddy trolley is my next cleaning task.

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