Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fisherman's Rest 'snowfield': 5 m deep sand

The white river sand -- dumped at Fishermen's Rest during the February flood of the Maranoa River -- looks like snow, and even feels like snow.  As you struggle to walk through the tonnes of dazzling white sand that has blanketed the grassy banks so popular for picnics, camping, fishing and canoeing, you feel in awe of the river's mass and power.

Fisherman's Rest is still a tranquil place where reflections dip into the water, linking the sky, sand, river red gums and water.

On another subject, our first marimba lesson last night was both fun and challenging -- also, it was great to see our marimba friends, post-flood.  Our group is in twice-weekly practice mode at present, as we've been asked to help entertain the crowds with our music, at the Maranoa Races.

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