Thursday, May 10, 2012

My new space: the van that Doug built

The caravan  that Doug built, which we thought was another flood casualty, is okay!

Over the past few days we've hosed, scrubbed, wiped out and generally cleaned away the mud.  There was no mould.  There was no buckling of any of the building materials: over the summer it dried out completely.  Nevertheless, our final wipe over was with vinegar. When Doug built the caravan he used waterproof industrial plywood for everything except the steel chassis and oregon frame.

We've left the flood level mark along the side as an historical record.

The good news is that this caravan is now my office, and also a place where we can store clothes, the guitar and books etc, without rodent or mould problems.  When we leave Mitchell in November, Doug will tow both caravans to the industrial estate, which is well above flood level -- just to be sure.

We've positioned my new office in a place where it receives maximum winter sun and is close to our home caravan.

The fact that Doug built this caravan from scratch and that it has taken us on many adventures throughout Australia makes it very special.  Therefore, it gives us great pleasure that it survived the flood in February and is now being put to such good use in this our temporary home here in Mitchell in 2012.

This will be my space; a space where I can let my creativity take me to who knows where.  Words, botanical art, music -- -- --.

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