Friday, May 11, 2012

Our plans change daily

We always knew that we needed time before making decisions regarding what we did about our flood affected house.  As the days slip by, however, we're becoming more and more sure that we want to stay living here by the Maranoa River, on our three-quarter acre block. We love the trees (especially our 3 newly planted lemon-scented gums and olive tree), birds and the river -- we love this neighbourhood and the town of Mitchell with its community.

Mitchell is where we want to be.

Today's plan is to raise our existing home above flood level.  Yesterday we planned to demolish our existing home and rebuilt on stilts, close by.  The day before, our post-flood plans changed three times!  We played around with the idea of buying another house in Mitchell, one that wasn't flooded; and then turned our attention to the prospect of building a low-set home on our six acre block of land on the other side of town -- land that didn't flood, but hasn't got river frontage.  As you can see, we need time to sort out what really is the best plan for our future here in Mitchell.

As over three-quarters of Mitchell was flooded, everyone has a story.  Three lots of friends called in today; all with stories to share.   Our changeable plans are becoming a joke.  What will tomorrow bring?  

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