Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pleasure in simple things: Mitchell outback Qld

There's nothing Major enjoys more than a swim.

Of all the dogs we've been privileged to share our life with, Major is the strongest swimmer.  When we had Great Danes they looked as if they might drown as they thrashed about with their long legs.  Our Irish setters enjoyed the water but didn't have the strength of drive that Major displays.

When we had a sheep property on King Island, our working Border collies flopped into any dam, water trough or puddle they could find while mustering, but they didn't swim, they just wanted to cool off.

But back to Mitchell and the Maranoa River.  One of my pleasures is watching Major swim out into the reflections of river red gums caste so dramatically onto the surface of the Maranoa River.

The mirror effect gives a surreal appearance.

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