Sunday, May 13, 2012

Plans update, friends and Maranoa River

A  quote of around $70,000 to lift our existing house to a height above flood level has left us with one less option.  There's no way we consider the house is worth spending that amount of money on, especially considering its structural damage, in the form of buckling.

So, demolish and rebuilt here beside the river; or build on our six acre block?  Those are our two options, at this point in time. Today, our location by the river is where I want to be.  But time will tell!

Using his tractor, our friend Rob (who runs the Major Mitchell Caravan Park) slashed our back paddock, which was knee-high in buffel grass.   Also, he's removed posts and fencing that were flood damaged. Thank you Rob.

People in Mitchell help one another: the February flood continues to demonstrate this fact.  I feel humbled by the generosity of spirit shown by most people in this small outback community.

A few days ago I showed you a table on wheels that was covered in mud.  Doug used high-pressure water to clean away most of the mud and I finished the task by hand.  It's come up quite well.

Although the February flood of the Maranoa River caused incredible damage to our home and property, as well as the whole town of Mitchell, people of all ages are drawn like a magnet to its banks: there to fish, sit and dream (even dogs dream as the photo of Major shows), walk or find pleasure in photography or art.

Reflections in the late afternoon inspired me to capture the moment on my camera, and it's this image I'd like to share with you. 

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