Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mud, glorious mud in Mitchell Outback Qld.

As a young child I loved playing in mud, so much so, my father nick-named me Grub, a  form of endearment he used until he died in his 80s.

Today in Mitchell there is mud everywhere. Naked mud: thankfully dry.

Now the mud is dry, attractive mosaics can be seen in some places; however, most is ugly, rough and hard work to shovel out and clear away.

In our yard, a layer of river mud has smothered the ground.  We have a real problem when it rains, as the mud turns to sticky glue. Consequently, several loads of crusher dust (fine pieces of stone; a by-product of making road metal) have been delivered that will be spread over the most used areas.  This will create dust, but dust is better than mud.

One of the photos shows a piece of flood art; a mud mosaic now hanging in pride of place in our outside bathroom, -- an 'ancient' structure called the Leaning Loo.

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