Friday, August 24, 2012

Visitors, Marimbas, Thunder storm and house sale

A Sunday morning tea/coffee with friends (in our newly furnished sun room) was enjoyed by us and also by Katie, who made the most of our visitors -- who love cats.

Gradually we're learning to recognize the weather patterns of this part of outback Queensland.  Thursday's high temperature of 32°C and strong winds preceeded the build-up of  heavy storm clouds in the west, in the late afternoon.  

At 6 p.m. we went to our weekly marimba practice at the Mitchell State School.  For some unknown reason, a couple of bars of marimba music taxed my brain beyond its comfort zone.  I just couldn't get it!  I'll have to make time to practise at home in order to overcome my mental block.

Bang on 7 p.m. (our departure time) claps of thunder, forked lightning and torrential rain erupted over Mitchell.  This caused us to pause a while, then make a dash from the building to the car park.  We got drenched.  Major and Del, who were waiting in the Ute, are nervous during storms so they were pleased to arrive home and rush into the house, where they felt safe.

The sale of our flooded house went through this week.  It will be lovely to have another young family living in our neighbourhood.  Settlement is in two and a half weeks so Doug hasn't long to finish moving all his shed 'treasures' to our new house, Riverside -- four doors down the road.

I'll include photos of the first of vegetables to be grown, by us, at Riverside -- also some succulents proven to be drought proof and not frost tender. Quite a tall order!

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