Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pictures up: acacias in full bloom

Finally our 'new' house is a home.  This transition came about yesterday when we took all our paintings and framed photos from the Mitchell Storage Shed, cleaned away smears of mud (the result of the February flood of the Maranoa River), and then placed the pictures throughout the house.

The result was even better than expected, and now, as I move from room to room I feel inspired by the beauty and memories each picture evokes.  Many are the work of local artists.

It's easy to see the interests Doug and I share  -- namely animals, plants and the special pets and people that have been part of our life to date.

Up the Forest Vale Road there's a hill (known locally as Orchard Hill) which is made up of red sand that supports a unique selection of native plants.  At the moment, the acacias are at their very best with 2 species in full bloom.

The contrasting colours of red dirt, golden wattle and blue grey foliage are striking -- especially under a clear blue sky.

Learning to identify the various plants growing on this hill has become my challenge.  This week we identified 18 species. After identification, I'm drawing each plant - using watercolour pencils - an occupation I'm finding both interesting and relaxing, especially while sitting in a room with winter sun pouring through the windows -- over looking the Maranoa River.

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