Friday, August 10, 2012

Everyone needs a holiday, including us

This past fortnight has seen us sampling some of the best of coastal Queensland, located on the Tropic of Capricorn, between Rockhampton and Yeppoon. We rented a cottage near the small coastal town of Emu Park. Here we could purchase all we required, plus use the library and enjoy stunning coastal scenery.

Framed by coconut palms and pandanus palms, our view from the cottage looked across a sandy beach to the bay, and rocky volcanic islands beyond.  It was ever-changing, depending upon the tide, weather and time of day or night.

At low tide, we walked barefooted  about 1 km out to sea, paddling in shallow water, meandering through herds of tiny blue-backed crabs.  We felt small shellfish beneath our toes; watched a large stingray flap its 'wings' and then disappear from view; saw, imprinted in the sand, the resting places and tail marks of stingrays.

At high tide, the waves splashed against the bottom of the 18 steps that separated our cottage from the beach.  The full moon rose golden from the sea then sailed high between the branches of coconut and pandanus palms.

The temperature varied from 12°C to a balmy 24°C, with every day blue and sunny.

The cottage is over 100 years old, and although modest on the outside, indoors no expense has been spared.  The fact that our cottage was pet-friendly was a big plus for us.  We love having our two German shepherds and Siamese cat with us -- through them, another pleasurable dimension is added to our holiday.

Upon our return to Mitchell we felt renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Doug's leg is much improved, which is a relief, although the skin on his shin injury is currently shedding -- just like a moulting reptile!

This holiday was one of the best I've ever experienced, but it was also wonderful to return home to Mitchell!

I was going to show you more photos but something has gone wrong with the card reader.

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