Thursday, April 19, 2012

Closing up our home: our double life in action

The process of closing our Phillip Island home is now upon us. Tomorrow week we expect that our 'migration flight' to Mitchell (in outback Queensland) will be complete.

After locking doors, crossing the bridge is our last step off the island -- a final farewell to the penguins, mutton birds, our friends and Phillip Island.

Ahead lies warmth, the mighty Maranoa River, and our friends and community in Mitchell.

For the duration of our trip, which we estimate to take about one week, I will not be writing this blog. I will begin again as soon as we arrive in Mitchell. I predict I'll have lots to say about changed conditions in Mitchell -- my first impressions after the devastating flood in early February.

Meanwhile take good care of yourselves and I look forward to being in touch again, very soon.

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