Monday, April 16, 2012

Overwhelmed by too many altered plans

Only one week to go and we leave Phillip Island, heading for Mitchell in outback Queensland -- our home for the winter and spring.

I'm finding myself feeling apprehensive about what we'll find on our return. In February, flood waters of the Maranoa River flooded our home, resulting in chest-height water throughout. Over 80 per cent of homes in Mitchell were flooded, consequently the whole town has been traumatised.

What will our home and three quarter acre block look like? When we left in November, everything was clean, tidy and attractive -- now? When we left, the community of Mitchell was strong, friendly and optimistic -- now?

Will we build another home in a flood-free position, or built one on stilts, by the river? There have been too many altered plans made over the past weeks. My mind is overwhelmed!

Therefore, I've had to say, Enough, just go with the flow, live in the moment, make no more decisions until we've lived in Mitchell for at least the next few months.

Another question, Can we live in a caravan with two big dogs and a cat -- long-term?

Meantime, we are packing up our Phillip Island home, and loading the Ute with everything we need to equip the caravan that we'll collect in Seymour on our way north. It would have been much easier to organise and pack the caravan here; however, it seemed sensible not to tow such a large caravan through the city of Melbourne, two times.

Our trip north will take about one week. I've decided not to write blogs while we travel but will resume as soon as we reach Mitchell. From that point onwards, all will be revealed!

There have been a few dead seal pups on the beach this week. Fortunately our dogs don't roll on dead things!

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