Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kitty Miller Bay in all its glory: Phillip Island

Kitty Miller Bay -- on Phillip Island's rugged south coast -- is a stunning place well-known for its challenging surf and rock fishing. One km west of the bay lies the remnants of S. S. Speke, built in Wales in 1891, and now a rusted wreck. This ship was one of the largest three-mast ships of its day; now it provides challenge for those who enjoy exploring ship wrecks.

My attraction to Kitty Miller Bay, however, comes from its rugged beauty. Columns of black basalt -- studded with orange lichens -- make a dramatic statement, and in all directions, the views are breathtaking. You can even see to Pyramid Rock.

Sitting on boulders at the head of the bay, Doug and I sat for about half an hour. The sound of crashing waves and the eerie cry of gulls made conversation difficult, so we sat quietly absorbing the power of the seascape, letting the sound lull us into a peaceful state of mind.

Before we left for Kitty Miller Bay, I was speaking to Angi on the phone. I mentioned our outing and she said she wished she could come to. I took lots of photos, Angi, and hope you enjoy the outing, even though you're in Mitchell. I'll show you more tomorrow.

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