Sunday, April 8, 2012

'Street of lights' up Western Port Bay

The Western Port Bay shipping channel follows an ancient river course, and is marked by a 'street of lights' all the way to the industrial town of Hastings. There is little room for error.

At Grossard Point, McHaffie reef extends 700 m towards the shipping channel. It is, therefore, a vital place to have a warning light.

A white, red and green flashing light at Grossard Point indicates danger, along with a red buoy showing the seaward end of the reef.

The gas tanker shown in the photo ( called Bering Sea) is going up the channel to Cribb Point, where it will be filled with gas. On its return journey it will pass our home again, and will then head into Bass Strait -- towards an overseas destination.

From our home we can see the Grossard Point light. Like a lighthouse it suggests safe passage through a difficult section of water. For this reason it's a reassuring presence.

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