Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Athol's genius with 1940 Plymouth

A phone call last night from Athol in Mitchell told Doug excellent news.

In early February this year, the Maranoa River flooded Doug's 1940 Plymouth sedan to a level over the steering wheel. Subsequently, Athol offered to care for and tinker with the old girl.

In the process, he drained the engine of two buckets of water and oil. Then he flushed the engine with diesel, cleaned out the carburettor and distributor, fixed the starter motor, charged the battery, and drained the gearbox and diff.

"The old girl is going!" declared Athol on the phone last night, "better than ever!"

Doug's not surprised, as he knows better than me of Athol's remarkable mechanical skills. Nevertheless Doug's very happy! And so too am I.

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