Friday, March 23, 2012

Visiting my 93 year old mother

Visiting my 93 year old mother (who lives in Geelong with my brother and sister-in-law) involved a long but pleasant day.

First, at 2 1/2 hour car journey took us from Phillip Island to Sorrento, a picturesque seaside town located alongside Port Phillip Bay. From there we caught a large car ferry across Port Phillip Bay to Queenscliff. This was followed by another one hour car trip to Geelong.

By travelling this route we avoided driving through Melbourne and, in the process, gave ourselves a pleasant 'overseas' trip.

A light wind tossed anchored boats around like corks, and created playful white-capped waves. Part way across the bay, two bottle-nosed dolphins flipped, jumped and played about in our bow wave -- for about 20 minutes. What a delight!

A couple of happy hours were spent with my family before we returned home to the island.

There are only two photos today, because I failed to see that my camera batteries were getting low in charge, and I didn't have spare batteries with me.

In my next blog I'll take you back to the Churchill Island garden, where there are more wonderful things to show you.

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