Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scottish Highland cattle on Churchill Island

Doug and I share an interest in breeding quality stud cattle and sheep, and have over the years bred stud Angus and Poll Hereford cattle, and Poll Dorset and Perendale sheep. Consequently, to look at a herd of quality cattle is a pleasurable experience.

Scottish Highland cattle are particularly appealing with their thick, double layered coat, enormous tapered horns, and long fringe of hair to protect their eyes. These cattle were originally bred to withstand rugged weather conditions in Scotland. In one of the photos you'll see a very windswept tree with Highland cattle grazing nearby.

Scottish born Samuel Amess introduced Highland cattle to Churchill Island in 1872 "to maintain fond memories of the land of his birth."

The calf (who's photo I couldn't resist taking) is probably the cutest I've ever seen, although Brahman calves are hard to beat. He was so quiet and trusting that I felt an incredible urge to cuddle him -- but of course I didn't!

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