Friday, March 9, 2012

Sun & sand versus chemical exposure

This long weekend sees a huge influx of visitors to the island, with many special events planned. At the Grand Prix track, it's a weekend of racing, with old racing cars the theme.

The warm days bring lots of people to the beaches where they swim, lie in the sun, walk and build sand castles. Phillip Island is blessed with many beautiful beaches -- from calm bay beaches to challenging surf. All with golden sand and plenty of space.

Since our big shopping day on Thursday, I'm suffering the after-effects of too much chemical exposure. This leaves me feeling exhausted, and with bad headaches and nausea. It takes time for my body to return to normal. The indoor pollution within most clothing and Manchester-type stores is bad, so bad that people with chemical sensitivity (such as me) suffer after breathing that air.

Living by the sea here at Phillip Island we breathe fresh air, and that's one of the main reasons we chose to live here. Clean air and clean water are basic to good health.

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