Thursday, January 6, 2011

An 18 year old, with a passion for birds

On our way to Melbourne on Wednesday, we stopped at a pet supplies to buy Halter leads for our dogs. Different to a Halti lead (which acts like a horse halter) this lead incorporates a collar, with padded Sherpa sleeves that go behind the front legs. The lead and padded sleeves don't hurt the dog but they do stop it pulling, and instantly. It's a great find for us, as both our dogs are pullers. And Major weighs over 60 kg.

The 18-year-old who served us has a passion for birds and breeds cockatiels, Princess parrots and Superb parrots. He hand feeds and tames the chicks, his latest a delightful eight-week old cockatiel that lives on the counter during office hours. I was reminded of the budgie I had years ago that lived free in the house and was one of the most charming animal friends we've ever enjoyed as part of our family.

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