Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bare-foot on the beach, finding treasure

It's got to be around 30°C before I'm tempted to remove my runners and walk barefoot along the seashore. Soft strands of seaweed squeeze between my toes as well as course golden sand. It's a delectable sensation, especially when combined with the salty smell of seaweed!

On different parts of the shore, the texture of the sand varies enormously -- from fine silky gold to coarse shell grit which is sought after for caged birds, to keep their beaks in good shape. I'm always on the lookout for anything different or rare like a cowrie or nautilus. That's what's so exciting about a walk along our beach on Phillip Island; you will always find something different or beautiful, something to make your day.

Today my treasure was a creamy white sea egg (urchin) about the size of a golf ball with bands of purple creating an exquisite pattern. After carrying it a little way, I placed it on top of a "mountain" of sea grass for someone else to find. With our two shepherds running through the waves and Doug and I the only people on the beach, I felt a rush of well-being and gratitude about where I am at this point in time.

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