Saturday, January 15, 2011

Figs, the fruit of the gods

Soft, ripe figs (straight from the tree) are one of my husband Doug's favourite delicacies. Home-made fig jam, and dried and glazed figs are also favourites. In our backyard -- here on Phillip Island -- we have five young fig trees, propagated by Doug from cuttings collected locally from our Croatian friend's trees.

At present, the trees are laden with fruit and protected from being eaten by possums by our two German shepherds that patrol the backyard throughout the night. Figs are not true fruits, but rather a collection of flowers that have turned in on themselves. And the little crunchy bits aren't seeds, they're actually unfertilised ovaries.

Doug doesn't have any competition from me because I don't like the taste of figs; however, I do love the rough feel of the large three-lobed leaves and the sensual look of ripe figs splitting open as a result of too much rain.

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  1. Oh I cant wait for our figs to ripen and try them. It is a pleasure to have them in the garden and Doug you are very lucky to have five fig trees to yourself :)