Monday, January 24, 2011

Richard practices natural mouse control

Although living on Phillip Island at present, my heart is often in our other home: Mitchell in outback Queensland. Frequent phone calls to friends and neighbours, and Facebook keeps us in touch with the community and the Maranoa River that loops its way around the town. Yesterday the subject turned to mice and pythons.

Our friend 'Richard the Snake Catcher' is a popular figure in Mitchell. Offering a 24/7 service, free of charge, Richard will capture any rogue snake and then relocate it out of town. Last week he had a call from Mitchell's Great Artesian Spa in relation to a 5 foot coastal python found in their pump room. As Richard had a mouse problem (currently there's a mouse plague) in and around his sheds, he released the python in a shed and then watched as the slender snake grew fat and mouse numbers dwindled to zero -- within four days.

With its tail lightly coiled around a piece of wall timber, the python hung with its neck and head in a loop ready for a lightning strike. No mouse living in Richard's shed stood a chance. Richard practices natural pest control to perfection


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