Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dog-friendly beaches on Phillip Island attract people who love dogs

When we were buying our home on the island, I asked the Real Estate agent about dog regulations and she replied, "This is the dog capital of the world!". Over the years I've noticed that people often buy houses on our part Phillip Island because we have the most dog-friendly beaches on the island -- you can walk in both directions with dogs.

Generally speaking, the southern and western coastlines of the island are reserved for penguins, and the main beach at Cowes, for holidaymakers. What remains of the island is divided into off-lead and on-lead dog beaches. Over the summer period, however, dogs are excluded from all beaches except for the hours between seven and 10 a.m. and five to 8 p.m. Most people with dogs are responsible when it comes to cleaning up after their dogs and keeping them under control.

With German shepherds, we realise we have additional responsibilities, as some people are afraid of big dogs. Therefore, our dogs are on leads unless there is no one else on the beach, and then they run free. I've always had a passion for dogs, and Doug likewise, so the time we share walking on the beach with our dogs is a highlight of our day.

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