Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Closing the Melbourne chapter of my life

A family of Cape Barren geese saw us off to Melbourne this morning. With five well-grown chicks, the parents have a territory that includes a valley of lush green grasses about half a kilometre from our home.

The purpose of today's trip to Melbourne was to meet up with three of my four brothers and their wives, and my 92-year-old mother at our family home of 70 years -- which was recently sold. Dividing up the family furniture and memorabilia was the aim, and this was achieved in an amicable way. For me it was easy, because I didn't want anything. Therefore, the few bits and pieces I did take were a bonus: a thermometer/barometer set, dinner chimes, a couple of framed family portraits, pure wool blankets and a china ornament that has been in our family for three generations.

Today I helped divide my mother's possessions amongst her many descendants -- and all in a civilised manner with no crosswords, greediness or bad humour. In addition, I reconnected with family and said a final, 'Goodbye' to childhood. It feels great!

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