Thursday, February 3, 2011

Doug can fix anything and build most things

Anything that needs fixing, my husband Doug can fix using bits and pieces he has stored in his large shed out the back.

Doug's shed is an amazing place: neither super-tidy nor super-messy yet crammed full of mechanical and electrical fittings, tools, scrap metal and timber -- as well as his pride and joy, several old English motorcycles.

Today I wanted him to replace some parts in the dinner chimes that came from my old family home. Within 15 minutes the chimes were back in the house in top working order -- thanks to Doug's expertise, tools and collection of bits and pieces.

By comparing the four notes on the chimes to those on the guitar, I found an A, C sharp, E and another A, making it an A major instrument. Mum bought it to call my father to meals, but for some reason, my father refused to be summoned this way, so the chimes were put away in a cupboard. Now, both Doug and and I enjoy having a play every time we walked past. They have a beautiful deep melodious tone and remind me of the marimba (which Doug built) we have in Mitchell, and the fun we have playing in the local band.

Yesterday an elderly neighbour called in to ask Doug's advice about a recalcitrant lawnmower. After sharing a cup of tea with us, Doug went back with our neighbour to his house and fixed the mower. I'm not good at mechanical things nor am I good at fixing things so I appreciate having a husband who is good at both, and who's always willing and cheerful as a bonus!

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