Monday, February 14, 2011

Dressing to make the best of your genes

Some people have the knack of dressing in clothes that accentuate the good features of both their physical form and personality. However, this is a skill that most of us need help in, from time to time; especially if working in a career in the corporate world.

"It took three hours and I tried on everything in my wardrobe," said my friend, "and Marianne put the clothing into two piles -- the ones to keep, and those for the Op shop or to resell."

A recent promotion has motivated my friend to seek help in the clothes department. Marianne is a professional who works in Melbourne and offers a personal service helping women dress to suit their personality and the occasion. My friend's next step is a shopping expedition (with Marianne) to fill in the gaps of her wardrobe.

"We talked about my body shape and the colour of my eyes, hair and skin. How to make the most of what I have -- warm colours, no black; v necks, not round -- -- --".

"Did you agree with her comments?"

"Yes, she was spot-on."

Motivated by my friend's makeover I plan to take a critical look at my own wardrobe -- which clothes do I feel good in, which strike the wrong chord? There are clothes in my wardrobe that have hung there for years and I've never even worn! Then there are those that don't fit well, or are of a colour that looks dated.

I have a system. Try on the garment, only looking in a mirror when everything is in place. A quick look. Okay or not? Trust that first impression; no use thinking I'll get used to it or it cost a lot. That first impression is what counts. I plan to be a ruthless -- and begin next week. That's a promise!

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