Sunday, February 6, 2011

Footsteps in the sand telling a story

Due to flood waters blocking the main highway between Melbourne and Phillip Island, there weren't as many people on the island this weekend.

Consequently, on my walk this evening I saw no other people and no other dogs. Having the beach to myself is always a thrill, especially when the tide is low. Major found a set of footprints to follow: an adult person and a medium-sized dog. Plunging his nose into the other dog's paw print I have no doubt he gained much more information than I could gather: size, sex, breed, age, mood -- -- --. One of my greatest pleasures is wandering along the shore with Major, who never strays and who adores swimming in the sea. He's a very strong swimmer, even in waves.

Living in our front and back garden are at least six wild rabbits who've been flirting with death ever since our return in December. Today one wasn't so lucky. Major proudly carried his kill to the back door and dropped it at our feet. He didn't want to eat it and since rabbits are in plague numbers on the island, and feral, there was no point in growling at him. I suspect Del and Major worked as a team to make the kill, in the same way they catch mice in Mitchell.

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