Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eating out a problem for coeliacs

Wonthaggi is for Phillip Island, as Roma is for Mitchell -- a large service centre within one hour of home. I prefer to live in a small town; however, I realise that large towns provide medical services and shopping choices that I need from time to time.

Over the past year, huge changes have occurred in Wonthaggi due largely to the construction of a desal plant to provide Melbourne with water. Mega Bites is our favourite cafe in Wonthaggi. It offers people on special diets the opportunity to eat out -- safely, and caters for coeliacs and those on wheat and/or gluten-free diets in particular. My choice is usually a spinach and ricotta roll with salad, along with a long black coffee.

This cafe understands that gluten-free means 100% gluten-free -- not a gluten-free cake mix baked in a dish dusted with wheat flour. This is a common enough mistake but one that leads to significant stomach pain for days on end. For me, eating out usually means a few cans of Coca-Cola. Coke settles my stomach like no other food, beverage or medication. Strange but true!

On arrival home at around 6 p.m. we found our two German shepherds waiting at the front gate, their tails swinging from side to side and happy smiles lighting their faces.


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