Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lizards enjoy water play on hot days

Just as humans and dogs enjoy playing in water on hot days, so do lizards! Today, with the temperature 28°C, Stego (my 40-year-old pet stumpy-tailed lizard) splashed about in his large shallow water container, clearly enjoying the feel of cool water soaking into his scales. Also evident was the fun he had, splashing in the water.

When we live in Mitchell (outback Queensland) I need to give Stego water play more frequently because the climate is hotter and drier. He needs the extra moisture in order to shed his skin properly, especially around his little toes.

What I love about Stego is the fact that every day I learn more about his intelligence, personality and now, his ability to play. As humans, we tend to underestimate the feelings and intelligence of other creatures, especially reptiles.

While paddling along the sea-shore this evening -- with Major -- I was reminded of Stego and shared with him and my young German shepherd the pleasure of cool water on bare skin, and the fun of splashing. Animals teach me pleasure in simple things

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